VOIID: Mixing, Photos and Music

Session number two with VOIID happened yesterday and boy did we fit a lot in!

Gabby and I arrived at the studios at 9.30am, to get a massive head start on setting up, which definitely paid off in the end. This time the set-up was a bit quicker anyway, because we were more familiar with our room set-up, and we even had a go at setting up the drum kit! Turns out we accidentally set it up for someone who was left-handed, but we’ll know for next time. We also weren’t sure how to set up the crashes, so we left those for the experts!

Yesterday was mostly about getting the band in to hear the mixes we’ve done a get some feedback from them. Originally they were talking about re-recording because they got a new amp with a better sound that they wanted in the songs. However, using the SansAmp plug-in, we were able to get the exact sound they were looking for. They want the guitar to really drive the songs, and they want the guitar sound to be extremely crunchy: “Like biting a Dorito” is an exact quote from the lead singer. It was wonderful getting the band’s input while mixing, and to hear how happy they were with what we’d recorded.

SansAmp Plug-in

As well as doing some mixing with VOIID’s input, we also recorded vocal overdubs for a few of the songs, because those vocal tracks had a few pops in them. This went pretty smoothly, although there were a few changes we had to make along the way. We had the Mic Thing set up to block some of the bleed in the vocal mic while recording live, however without the rest of the band playing, all it did was make the vocals sound very boxy and closed-in so we moved that away for the over dubs. Another thing we changed from original set-up was the pop-filter we were using. We set up with a metal one, which changed the vocal tone to sound more metallic, so we changed it to a mesh one which sounded a lot better.

After the overdubs, we re-tracked two songs with the whole band: Durry Mouth and Not For You, as the band had changed some parts of Not For You from the recording a couple of weeks ago, and also had rehearsed Durry Mouth further before this session. While the band was tracking, we had pre-arranged for photographer Chloe Cuddihy to take some photos of them playing together. Chloe also set up the photo studio to do some takes of the band just playing around together. Unfortunately the biggest issue we had with the session was that the bassist had work until 4.30pm, so arrived at 5pm, which pushed back the recordings. This in turn pushed back the photo shoot, so that we only had about 30 mins to take photos! Chloe was extremely understanding about the situation though and did an amazing job with the time that she was given. She will have the edited versions of the photos to me within the next two weeks!

I really think this session was super important because we got to have downtime with the band in a more relaxed session. It was pretty chill and was mostly about mixing and figuring out the exact sound they want, rather than rushing to get songs recorded.

I will update this blog later with some photos from Chloe once I receive them, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading.


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