Daredevil Session 2

This past week, Keely and I had another foley recording session for our Daredevil Sound Replacement.

This one was a little different, as it was in the Void rather than in a studio. The reason for this is that we felt that none of the studios had the right floor material for the sound we needed (ie. footsteps/running on concrete). The floor of the void is concrete, so this was perfect.

Not being in a studio meant having to borrow the usual NT5 Pair as well as the F8 as an interface, which was an experience all on its own. We defaulted all the settings, as we didn’t want our audio to end up in some random folder. Afterwards though it was a bit difficult trying to find the settings that we wanted to use! I will most definitely write a more in-depth blog about the F8 in the coming weeks, as it is needed for a short film I will be working on, and 100% understanding of the different settings is extremely important for a smooth running project!

The first issue we encountered with the Void itself, was air running through the vents or possibly some sort of machine noise from the canteen. We had checked out the room previously to see if it would be okay to record in, however this was when the canteen was closed and therefore the room was completely silent. As a contingency strategy, we chose the corner of the room with the least amount of vents which was therefore further from the noise. We also angled the microphones mostly towards the floor, hoping that their cardioid pattern would help cancel out some of the noise, which did work to a certain extent.

NT5 Pair, angled towards the floor.

To record the footsteps, we set up the Keely’s laptop with the short clip so that we could attempt to record them in time (we were not very successful, action scenes are hard!). After recording Keely’s feet, we realised that it still wasn’t the exact sound we were after. We decided to do a little exploring of the knick knacks in the Void and hazaar! we came across some books. We found that hitting the books on the ground gave that more heavier sound that we were after, and sliding them across the ground made a really interesting sound as well. I will be updating this blog at a later date and adding examples of the sounds, however I currently don’t have a copy of the session as I was having hard drive issues last week.

The last thing we needed for our clip was a microwave noise. With the permission of the tech team, we stole one from the student kitchen to record.

Microwave recording set-up

Other than just the normal microwave noises (ding, door opening and closing, heating the food up, etc), we also found that moving the machine across the concrete floor sounded like a very heavy door being pushed open. We also hit the microwave, as it sounded like someone was trapped somewhere trying to get out and we thought it might come in handy in the future.

All in all, I actually really enjoyed recording in the Void and was really happy with some of the sounds that we got. I will definitely be adding them to my sound library for the future; it’s amazing what you can cook up with a few every day items!

As always, thank you for reading!


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