VOIID: The First Recording

Today was our recording with VOIID and it was an amazing experience! If you haven’t already been following this project, please start here.

First of all, VOIID are an awesome band to work with. They’re super positive, and it was great to work in an all-female environment within such a male-dominated industry! The band all bounced off each other really well, so for this reason we decided to track them all at once, rather than instrument by instrument. This turned out really well, as we nearly got through seven songs in an 8 hour session!

The issue with tracking the entire band at once is of course bleed. As expected, we had the most trouble with trying to reduce bleed in the Lead Vocal mic. We had the set-up shown in the diagram below, (the red rectangles are baffle boards) to attempt to separate the instruments from each other a little bit. The Lead Vox mic was also facing towards the wall (opposite direction to the other instruments), in hope that the cardioid pattern of the mic would help to reduce bleed. At the beginning of the session we also had issues with trying to make the Kick sound full, so we used an improvised version of the tunnel technique that Guy showed us in our drum workshop the other day: we used Gabby’s corduroy jumper to form a tunnel from the kick out mic over the kick, to try to isolate that punchy sound a little bit more. The kick in is also the only thing that wasn’t miked with an SM57 or SM58, we used a Shure B52 to make shure (pun intended) to capture the kick in the best way possible, because in a garage punk genre it really drives the song. The 57s and 58s, and using the Neve also worked super well to create the Lo-Fi punk sound we were looking for!


Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.52.31 PM
Room Set-Up

As far as the actual recording went, it was super smooth. Most of the time the band would do one run through of the song and then we would record. At times we had to coach the vocalist to not move around the microphone so much while singing, as obviously it meant that the levels of her voice were changing during tracking. The band was really used to be able to all feed off each other while recording, so having the baffles in between them, meaning they couldn’t see each other, was a bit different for them.

Working the Desk

The day ran really well. Gabby and I arrived at the studios at 10.30, allowing time to get ourselves sorted before the band arrived at 11am. We used the extra time to print our session schedule, start up and sound check the studio and haul the equipment up as well. By the time the band arrived we were fully prepared to set up. As usual, setting up took a lot longer than we had on our session schedule; we started recording around 1.30pm. Even though we were running behind our original schedule (seen below), we still got all of the songs recorded to a fantastic standard. We also made our transition between each song really easy by creating a Pro Tools template of all the tracks with correct naming and inputs to save ourselves having to set it up 7 times!

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 5.40.58 PM.pngThe songs we tracked were:

  1. Silly Girl
  2. Not For You (listen to the unmixed version, this song’s my favourite!)
  3. Drunk
  4. Pale Face
  5. Lucy
  6. Dupshits With Nice Tits
  7. Durry Mouth

The band had actually never rehearsed Durry Mouth all together before, so we just got a few rough takes of that one. We have discussed having another session with them around the 13th July, when they will all be in Brisbane for a headline show of theirs; we’re all really keen to work together again! We’ve also spoken to them about possibly having a design student take some photos of them in our next session, to help with their professional branding and they seemed pretty keen on the idea.

I’ll be keeping you updated about this project as it continues!

As always, thanks for reading


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