VOIID Pitch: Reflection

Last Thursday Gabby and I presented our project to our peers and facilitators. To follow our process throughout this project, please start here! I really feel that our pitch was very successful. This is most likely due to our meticulous planning, which featured a schedule, great contingency efforts and extremely specific deliverables. For the presentation powerpoint see here.

In regards to feedback it was pretty minimal. Two of our facilitators commented that the band needs to work on a more professional image, in regards to their photos and the quality of their recordings (which obviously is where we come in to help!). We also got some advice from Adrian in regards to microphones for recording this garage punk type genre, which was to use all SM57s and SM58s to record. As well as this, many class members agreed that The Runaways and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were great references for the genre.

We’re feeling really positive moving forward. Tomorrow is our first recording session, so hopefully all goes well! When we see the band tomorrow, we will also discuss the possibility of a photography session later on, in order to help with their professional image. This could possibly be done in our contingency week (week 9), in the event that we do not need to record that week.

I’ll definitely keep you all updated, so thank you for reading!


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