Side Project: Daredevil

As a side project, I’m working with Keely on her Sound Replacement for this short clip:

Please see our detailed schedule and Foley list.

Today Keely and I had a session in the S6, which I have never used before so it was really good to have a little bit of experience in there. We recorded the following sounds:

  • Punching a cabbage (face punches)
  • Stapler (gun shots)
  • Thumping chairs (Kicks/Door Thump)
  • Thumping baffle board (Kicks/Door Thump)

This session ran really smoothly and we got majority of the sounds done, as most of them are just punching/kicking/thumps. The only things left are foot movements, grunts, and the microwave being thrown/hitting someone, which can be done with a zoom or a session in the C24. During this mornings session I learnt how to record inside the S6, instead of having to go into the live room. We borrowed out the NT5 Pair because they are pretty sensitive mics, which is good for Foley. We also used a baffle board to separate the microphones from the desk, so that we didn’t get any mechanical noises in our Foley.

I was working as desk engineer and Pro Tools operator, to help me get comfortable with the desk, while Keely was the Foley artist. Moving on from here I’d definitely like to have more sessions in the S6 to learn the inner workings of it. For this project though we’ll probably book the C24 and borrow out some Zooms for the remaining sounds, and do a subtle composition in the background, similar to the one in the original clip.

As always, thanks for reading!


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