ANTA Ad Sound Replacement Blog Two

Last night (15th June) Gabby and I had a studio session booked in the C24. I took the primary role as Foley Artist, while Gabby had the primary role of DAW operator, however we did alternate a few times. We set up the NT5 Pair, in order to record all of our sounds in stereo, and off we went!

As we only had 2 hours booked, time was already running a little thin. It was just our luck that we also had an issue with opening Pro Tools, so we first restarted the computer and when that didn’t help, we called the techies in for help. They came in and solved the problem, so we got our session going by about 6.45pm. It turns out, the sounds we had to record were pretty easy, because it was mostly ball hits; therefore, we got through our session in about half an hour, so despite the issues we still got out of the session early overall. Something new about last night was recording in 5.1, which we’d never done before, so that should be really interesting to mix!

Gabby supplied a tennis ball and mini ping pong racquet to record, we also record a few stomps/steps/grunting etc. We were marking all of our sounds off our foley list as we went. There are only a few things such as foot squeaks and manoeuvres that are going to be recorded/re-recorded at Gabby’s house, as neither of us had the correct shoes on, as well as the surface not being ideal for the sounds we needed. At Gabby’s house she has a multitude of different shoes, as well as polished concrete, which squeaks quite well. There is also the smashing glass asset that I have previously recorded which I will share with Gabby for the ball smashing the ground.

Moving on from this point, we’ll both now be completing the rest of our respective projects solo. I am hoping to have all of the Foley mixed, as well as a rough composition by the end of next week (23rd June), so that I can have the week after to do touch-ups and ensure all sounds work together for my personal deadline (3rd July.)

As always, thanks for reading!


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