ANTA Ad Sound Replacement Blog One

As a small project in the upcoming weeks to keep that Foley ball rolling, I will be completing a sound replacement of an Ad for an Asian brand ANTA. Here is the original Ad:

This is the brief I was given:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 5.55.01 PM

I chose this advertisement above others because it will allow me to go more in depth into manipulating and processing sounds, rather than just recording and mixing, which I am already quite familiar with. The space setting of the ad will allow me to experiment quite a bit with the sounds and make them my own.

Also because the sounds will need such heavy processing, Gabby and I have decided that it would be beneficial to save time and record the sounds together. She is working on the same ad, but we will both have separate projects due to each processing the sounds solo.

This is the Foley List that we compiled together, which can also be found here:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.06.14 PMThe deadline for this project is the 7th of July, therefore I would like my own personal deadline to be the 3rd of July, as contingency time in case anything goes wrong, as it so often does! Currently, we have a session booked this Thursday 15th of June to record the sounds together, which gives me around two and a half weeks to process and place the sounds, which I believe is plenty of time, especially in case we miss any sounds or need to re-record. Stay tuned and as always thank you for reading!


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