Trimester Four: The End

This Tri I have completed a total of five projects! Looking back, I’m pretty stoked about this, 5 projects in 12 weeks is a massive effort that I am really proud to have achieved.

The first project, which was one of my main ones was the Simpsons sound replacement, which I worked on with Keely and Gabby. This was a great project for the beginning of the Trimester, I learnt a lot about the importance of time limits, teamwork and above all, communication. The unfortunate issues with this project also had a positive side where they taught me how to work well under pressure and deal with difficult situations within the team. Please see the complete project here:

and for my process and reflection of the project follow the blogs from here.


My second was a side-project, which was a Lord of the Rings animation in which Gabby and I did some of the Foley. There was also issues in this project where the animation team didn’t properly allocate jobs between the audio students and needed to be prompted to choose a head engineer etc. This reminded me of how little each discipline knows about each other’s disciplines, and that again everyone needs to communicate very clearly what their intentions are for each team member. Please see the complete project below:

and for my process and reflection of the project see this blog.

A short 30 second advertisement named ‘Deathrito,’ was another side-project. For this one, Gabby and I did some on-set sound using lapel mics and a boom mic, which was a first for both of us so that was definitely an experience. from the 8-9 hours I was there, I learnt so much about the inner workings of a film set, and also the dedication that a film crew must put in to each and every scene. On the audio side of things, once the film team had exported the sounds, they found that some of them had a weird high-pitched noise in the background, which I think they were annoyed at us for, thinking that it was our fault. After talking to another film student who had had that happen before, we discovered that it was actually an exporting issue and that the file had become corrupt when they exported it. We then reported that back to our film team and they realised that not all of the audio had the weird noise in it and that most of it was still useable. This taught me not to jump to conclusions and even if something is going wrong, that there is always a way to fix it. That’s also why contingency plans are also really important, in case little issues like that come up. See the final project here and the blog here.

On-location filming ‘Deathrito’
Film Crew, all wrapped up – ‘Deathrito’

Although this next one was also a side-project, it took quite a bit of effort. For another class (CIU 211), I got together with a group of 2 film students and another audio student (Georgina Humphries, Sarah Whittle-Herbert and Claudia Walton) to create a Parody video of the popular song ‘7 Years,’ highlighting the fact that although Australia claims to be multicultural, we still have a long way to go. For more explanation and an in-depth look at the process, follow my Multicultural Project blogs. This project was interesting because it was getting together with a group of people I had never spoken to before, making a plan, and executing it. There was a few issues at first around the lyricist failing to communicate until the last minute that we needed to find a new song, and then going MIA for the 5 days leading up to the recording session. In this situation, as the other Audio student, I had to step in and find a song that fit the lyrics she had already written, which proved a little bit difficult, but I eventually found one. Also in the end she did come through and show up to help out at the recording session. So as with other projects, this has reinforced that communication is key! I also volunteered for the position of talent-sourcing, which I started to regret before I finally got a friend to help me out! As she was inexperienced with professional recording it was interesting trying to make her feel comfortable in the studio and in front of a microphone and all that. However, the product in the end turned out quite well. See the finished project here.

Recording our Parody of ‘7 Years’

My final and (in my opinion) best project this trimester was my second main project, In Time. This was a composition and video both written, produced and edited solo. For a detailed explanation and reflection on my process please follow my Project Two blogs. I really enjoyed this project as I haven’t done composition before that wasn’t a component for a film or animation, and I have also never attempted videography. I’m really glad that I did this project solo, because as well as getting to manage the schedule only around my own commitments, it also meant that I got to be obviously very hands on for the whole process and learnt a lot of new things. I really want to do something else like this in the future as well. Even though I did have issues within this project surrounding getting permission for equipment from SAE, I feel that not having other people involved made it that bit easier, because it didn’t put anyone else out but myself. This issue again surrounded communication, where an email I sent wasn’t replied to for three weeks and I think in the future if an abnormal amount of time has passed, I should be confident enough to send a follow-up email to ensure that my request has not been forgotten. I’m not the only one with a busy life! However, because I had a contingency plan, everything worked out well. Also something that really worked in my favour was having an early deadline set for myself. The original date was Mon 24/4, and even though I didn’t actually get the project complete and uploaded until today (28/4), I was not stressed at all during the project because I knew I had an extra week if need be. Please see the finished project below (watch it in 720p!):

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 7.51.59 PM
Me, attempting videography

As I was writing this blog, the main point that has stood out for me is the issue of communication! Next Trimester I will put solid effort into ensuring all communication between team members is extremely clear and constant, so that everybody is on the same page and nobody gets left behind or left with an unmanageable workload.

Until next Tri, thanks for reading!


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