Project 2: In Time – Wrap Up

It is week 12 and I’ve finally completed my project 2! Listening to the feedback of my peers and lecturer, over the past week I’ve made a few changes to my composition and video.

First, the composition: I extended some of the MIDI notes to be more drawn out, like they would be on a real piano. I also slightly changed the reverb, which I automated to be more or less in parts of the song. For example, in the middle at around 30 seconds, I lessened the reverb to emulate the way I would play the song on piano, with the sustaining pedal on/off in respective places. I also changed the velocities to randomise them a little bit more, while also keeping it piano and forte in the respective places. The last touch was putting a fade on the start of the song in premiere so that the start wasn’t too abrupt. These last things were just a bit of tweaking to make the piece sound as real and ‘unclinical’ as possible.

Moving on to the video: I wanted to make a title screen to make the video a bit more professional, so I found this page on the Adobe website to show me how to do that. I also used transitions in the ‘video effects’ sections to fade in the title at the start and then the start of the actual video. Another thing that was more in depth than I first expected was the exporting. I tried twice to export the movie, and it kept coming out without the high quality that I saw when editing. I then looked up the correct settings to export in HD and found this page . There are still a few scenes that look lower quality compared to the rest; these are the parts that were out of focus due to the non-auto focus debacle, which I tried to sharpen in Premiere to make them not stand out as much against the in-focus things. However, unfortunately it is still noticeable.

As this is the first videography/video editing experience I have had, little things like this are to be expected. It’s been a great learning curve and a really fun experience and I’m overall happy with how the project turned out.

The project has been published both on Vimeo and Youtube professionally, and shared on my personal Facebook to try to up the view count and allow my family and friends to see what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

Please see the finished product below:


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