Project 2: A Whole New World

Over the weekend I was introduced to the world of (very amateur) videography. I am lucky enough to know a wonderful human that owns a Canon D5 Mark II camera, which although is more specifically for photography, can still do some very decent videography.  As I live near Mount Tamborine, I was able to get some great shots of running waterfalls, trees etc. and I also went down to Burleigh on the Gold Coast and got some shots of the beach. It mostly ran pretty smoothly, however there were a few bumps in the road.

Firstly, the day that I had planned to use the camera was Friday straight after uni, and the person I was borrowing it off failed to mention that they had a photoshoot that afternoon. Therefore I only had around less than an hour to get any footage I wanted. This didn’t prove to be that much of an issue, as the filming didn’t take as long as I expected, also because the SD card ran out of storage before I could take too long.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 7.51.59 PM.png
Filming at Tamborine

This brings me to my next problem. The camera only had a 4GB SD card, meaning that when filming, it got full very quickly. This was particularly annoying the day that I went down to Burleigh, as there were some more shots that I would have liked to get, however as my piece is only 1 minute long, it all worked out anyway, although I wouldn’t have minded a little more variety in the video.

The other issue I had was that I specifically went down to Burleigh because there is a short walk there with very nice views and a lot of nature that I thought would suit my video well. However, when I got down there the track was closed due to rock slides from the floods a couple of weeks ago (the damage still haunts me everywhere I go). This was probably a good thing because as previously mentioned, I only had a 4GB SD card so not very much room to take a lot of footage anyway.

The last issue I had was that when filming, the camera didn’t auto-focus, so every time I moved the camera, I had to refocus the lens manually. I even googled how to Auto-focus it, but turns out with that specific camera while filming there isn’t an Auto-focus that works 100% of the time. There was a button you could press if it got out of focus during filming, however it would not just automatically focus as you moved. This was something that I got used to while using the camera and was not a major issue.

The next part of my videography journey was of course the editing. I am using Adobe Premiere Pro, which I have never used before. It has been easy enough to work out though. It has a very simple Import and then click and drag on to the editing timeline to create your video. There are also numerous effects and transitions. The only transition I used is a ‘dip to black’ at the end of the video, because I need all of my cuts to be abrupt so that they go in time with the song.

As far as effects go, I changed a few things. My most used was the timing of the video, as in making it go faster or slower. All I had to do was left click on the video I wanted to change and go ‘Speed/Duration’ and it allows to to choose a percentage of the normal speed to go (eg. 50% for half the speed, 200% for double the speed). I also used the Sharpness effect, which I found in the below tutorial video:

There were two parts of footage that were a little out of focus, probably due to the no auto-focus debacle, so I used the Sharpen effect to make them look a little more focussed, as it was quite obvious when the rest of the footage is perfect 1080p quality.

The final effect that I used which I thought was very cool, is layering the video and changing the Opacity of one of the layers, so that it was over the top of the original video. For a lot of the shots of trees in my video I made it so that it almost looked like they had a ghost of themselves following, which made the visuals a bit softer so it suited the song more. I purposefully did not use this effect during the middle part of the song, which is very abrupt, because I didn’t think it suited the mood.

I’ve currently uploaded a quickly exported version of my project to-date, to google drive so I can show you lovely people where I’m up to. Beware, the video quality is not too great. At this point I’m not entirely sure why, must have something to do with my exporting settings, I will definitely have a look into it for my final export. I have also moved my final deadline to Friday, because realistically I have work for the next two days and even though I am almost done, I feel that to complete this project to a standard I am happy with, I would like to give it more than just my tired-after-work self.

I am thoroughly enjoying my videography journey and am actually considering getting an amateur level camera, because I’ve really enjoyed capturing the footage. I’ll see how I go! As always, thanks for reading.



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