Project 2: A Slight Change of Plans

Update: 24/04

Today I got some feedback from Rose on my track and she seemed pretty happy with it overall! Similar to Lachy and Stefan she mentioned that there were just a few notes that were lacking the depth or immersion of a real performance. She suggested a) recording the piece b) running the MIDI through a certain plug-in that has better quality samples or c) export the track, go through and find the notes that sound a little off, import into Pro Tools and try to have a mess with them in there. I think I’m going to try C, because even though it’s a bit more in depth than B, I really don’t have the time to record and using that plug-in means going up to uni just to be able to use it which would be a bit of a hassle for me. I have been really busy with work commitments and filming/video editing over the weekend, so I didn’t actually get a chance to have a look at the link Lachy sent in his feedback. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow most definitely.

Original: 21/04

It’s week 11 and I am about halfway there with my project, which is a little behind where I originally wanted. I’m pretty confident that I’ll still have my project finalised by Monday, maybe Tuesday at the latest.

Akshay and Rose have only just replied to my request for equipment hire this week, so rather than waiting and relying on his answer, I have composed my track in Ableton using a Grand Piano instrument. Today I will talk to Rose about whether this is going to degrade my project at all, or effect my marks in any way.

I’ve uploaded my track to the slack feedback channel. Stefan, Lachy and Jolon have all given me some really helpful feedback:

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I’m pretty stoked as they all commented on the fact that they liked the composition. Composing music just for the sake of being music (ie not a specific sound for an animation etc) isn’t really something I have delved into before so that feedback is amazing. In light of the constructive criticism, today I’m going to implement that feedback by randomising the velocities of the notes and extending them through the silences a bit. When I originally made the track I did use a MIDI keyboard, so the notes were a bit randomised already, however it was a mini keyboard so it was also a little bit awkward to play on, therefore I manually changed some of the velocities of the piece to make it forte and piano in the respective places. This may have taken away some of the performance aspect and made it sound a bit more ‘clinical,’ so I’ll do my best to fix this up ASAP. I’ll also check out the reverb

The next step is to finalise the filming, which is also a bit later than I first planned, due to the person I’m borrowing it off being overseas. I originally was going to make a storyboard and plan out all of the shots, but when I sat down and tried to do it, I found it pretty difficult to put on paper what was in my head (also, I can’t draw at all). Therefore, I’ve decided to just wing it with the filming and go with my gut. If I see a cool thing while I’ve got the camera I’ll go for it.

Wish me luck guys! The countdown is on!



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