Multicultural Project: Update 2

So just a quick update from me today. I’ve spent a couple of hours today continuing to mix our remake of 7 Years by Lukas Graham, as I talked about in my previous blog I had a bit of a play around with chorusing some parts of the song. However, as I started to do it I realised that in most of the takes we have, the talent will stop singing halfway through because a line has been messed up or gone out of time, therefore it was hard to find a whole verse that could be chorussed. I really wanted to do it with the last verse, as a kind of ‘bridge’ to break it up, however in the alternate takes, the singer pronounced ‘acceptance and acknowledgement’ in different timing than in the real take, therefore it sounds very messy when chorussed together, so I decided to try to do it for the first half of the last verse and the last phrase as well. I’m a little undecided about whether I think it sounds abrupt or not, so I am going to ask my team members what they think about it.

I also had a lot of difficulty getting the vocals to sit right with the background music. I think this is because rather than having all of the instruments at my disposal to pan and mix myself, I just have a flat stereo wav file of the backing music, so rather than being able to make the vocals sit in the middle of everything, they have to sit next to or right in front. I also spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the right tone for the song. I listened to the original and also read this SoundOnSound Article about the producing of the song and realised that it might sound better if I put a bit of distortion on the vocals, to make them a bit warmer/richer.

Today I will ask my team for feedback on the track (which you can listen to here) regarding the things I just discussed, and then also of course if there is anything else they have issues with. We have about a week and a half until the project is due, so that’s plenty of time to implement changes and finalise the project.

Thanks for reading!


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