Update: Multicultural Project

Update 14/4:
Claudia actually ended up messaging our group on Tuesday night, explaining that she has had some family issues and also some health issues of her own, as well as being out of internet for the few days before that which explains the non-communication. Looking aside from all this, Claudia was able to make it to our session on Wednesday in the Neve, which was awesome.

For the first part of the session we did have an issue with Pro Tools only recognising the built-in outputs and not the speakers or desk inputs. After defaulting the IOs and checking the playback engine, we called the techies in for back-up. I was a bit worried at this point, because our session was only a short 2.5 hours to begin with, including set-up and pack-down, saving our work etc., however, the techies came up and all they did was restart the computer and then after again defaulting the IO settings, Pro Tools worked (isn’t the simplest solution always the best one?).

As our artist had never done any sort of recorded singing before, she was a little bit nervous about it, so it took her a little while to get warmed up to the idea. Also there were a few parts of the lyrics which were a bit hard to say all at once without losing breath (Example: going from “foundation” straight into “Australia.”), and she had only been given the final lyrics and song the night before. This is due to Claudia being absent and me being quite busy with outside commitments, however as the talent is a good friend of mine she understood the situation and did the best she could. What we did, to make the talent feel more comfortable and familiar with the situation is we first recorded the song in parts, verse by verse so that we could have them as back-ups if there was any bit that she couldn’t get all at once. At the end, once she was more comfortable with singing into a microphone and also with the lyrics themselves, we did two full run-throughs. The first run-through had the best vocal tone by far out of all the takes, though there are some parts where the talent ran out of breath or messed up the words a little bit, so some of it we will have to replace with other takes.

Despite Claudia’s absence, the time limits on the session and an inexperienced vocalist, we have ended up with a decent session.  At the moment I’ve done the base mixing: EQ, Reverb, that kind of thing. As a happy accident while I was mixing I unsoloed everything and heard it play together and I actually really like the chorus affect of all of the different tones of voice, plus it ties in with the multicultural theme, as in many voices as one etc, so there will definitely be a chorus of vocals somewhere during the song.

Original 11/4:
So today I spent an hour or so slightly changing the lyrics that Claudia had written, so that it fit with Lukas Grahams’ 7 Years. There wasn’t a lot to change, mostly just making some words abbreviations so that there was less syllables in the sentence etc. It took a lot longer than I thought though, it’s definitely a much more time consuming job than you would expect! The lyrics are now as follows:

Australia’s an immigration nation.
Almost 7 million migrants make up our population.
Australia’s an immigration nation. 

We are  not defined by race, religion or culture,
We share the same opinion about freedom and departure.
The glue holding us together is mutual respect,
Equal entitlement isn’t something to neglect
People born overseas should have the same opportunity,
To live happily with national security.
Australia’s an immigration nation.

Multicultural Australia: united, strong and successful,
We accept everyone from anywhere don’t be disrespectful.
Help our community and our Australian nation,
By providing a helping hand without discrimination.
We remain determined to defend our nation,
But recall the values of the founders of this foundation.
Australia’s an immigration nation

The story of Australia began on an ancient date,
With Aborigines and Islanders of the Torres Strait
They grew with the establishment of British institutions,
So to exclude these ethnicities brings me much confusion
Over 250 languages inside our continent,
We should stand on our land with  acceptance and acknowledgement.
That no matter where you come from you deserve to learn,
To benefit ourselves and our future generations.

Australia’s an immigration nation. 

I still have no word from Claudia, so hopefully she shows up to our session tomorrow. If not though I believe I am able to run the session by myself, and with a little bit of luck will have a recording of our song finished by tomorrow!

As always, thanks for reading!


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