Multicultural Project

I have another little side project I’m working on that is going to be a song about an acceptance of all cultures within Australia, and a video that juxtaposes that (eg. footage from the Australia Day riots, people being racist etc.) to get across the message that although Australia claims to be multicultural, we still have so far to go and also cultures that come from overseas to live within this country need to be accepting of the culture that is already here. For the full concept proposal see here.

I am working with two film students: Georgina Humphries and Sarah Whittle, and another audio student: Claudia Walton. Georgina and Sarah are obviously going to focus on putting together the footage and making the video, while Claudia and I are focusing on writing the lyrics, finding a talent and getting the song recorded and mixed.

We have already had a few issues. Claudia had the role of lyric-writing, and the song we had originally chosen as the melody is One More Night by Maroon 5, however she found it difficult to write to that melody, so we have lyrics written but we don’t know the melody. The lyrics are as follows:

Australia is an immigration nation.
Almost 7 million migrants make up our population.

We are not defined by race, religion or by culture,
We share the same opinion about freedom and departure.
The glue holding us together is mutual respect,
Recognition of equal entitlement isn’t something to neglect.
People born over seas should have the same opportunity,
The right to live happily under national security.
We maintain determination to defend our nation,
But don’t forget values of the people who built this foundation.

Multicultural Australia: united, strong and successful,
We accept everyone from anywhere don’t be disrespectful.
Help our community and our Australian nation,
By providing a helping hand without discrimination.

The story of Australia began in the distant past,
With Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders settling on our grass.
They grew with the establishment of British institutions,
So to exclude these ethnicities brings me much Confusion
With over 250 different languages inside our continent,
We should stand on our land with acceptance and acknowledgement.
That no matter where you come from you deserve education,
To benefit ourselves and our future generations.

Multicultural Australia ; united strong and successful
Accept everyone from anywhere don’t be disrespectful.
Help our community and our Australian nation,
By providing a helping hand without discrimination.

This week we have the Neve booked from 3-5.30 on Wednesday so that we can record, so here’s hoping that we have a melody by then. The other problem was booking the studio, we left it a little bit late, so there wasn’t a lot of options. We ended up risking only having a 2.5 hour slot, because Claudia and I are both quite familiar with the Neve and our talent could also only do Wednesdays and we need to have sufficient time to mix and put the video in as well.

I’ll get back to you at the end of the week with how our session went, wish me luck and thanks for reading!


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