Project 2: Slow-going

This one is going to be a very short update to let you all know how it’s going.  By this week I was hoping to have my composition properly recorded as per my project plan. However, as my location for recording is at a school, I failed to remember that it’s school holidays over Easter so I might have some issues surrounding that as I’m not sure how long the school is actually open for and when holidays end. I have emailed my contact at the school about it so hopefully I get a reply soon. I also need definite recording dates to seek permission for the equipment, so I can’t go ahead until I get that reply, which may put my project back a week or so.

I’m also going to start filming next week, as the person I am borrowing the camera off is overseas, but that will still be in line with my plan so I feel good about that. Today I’ll be starting storyboarding by using the demo I recorded on my phone.

That’s about where I’m at, thanks for reading!


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