Project 2: Composition and Video

Project Brief

The aim of this project is to compose and record an instrumental 1-2 minute song and make a video clip that moves in time with the structure of the song to enhance the experience (look at this clip from approx. 2.22 to 2.50 for a reference). Similar to the reference, I want each scene or the movements within each scene to change in time with the beat of the song (For a rough demo of the composition see here).  The completed project will be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook by Monday the 24th of April, in order to hopefully get some feedback from people in the creative industries before the end of Trimester.


This project aims to create an enchanting instrumental composition, tracked in 24-bit/48kHz and delivered as a .wav file. The video will be filmed in 1080p audio-visual file and will be delivered in .mov format, uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook by the deliverable date.

Target Audience

My target audience is lovers of the creative industries, particularly music and film. For this reason, there is no specific age or gender. They will have a great eye for detail and will appreciate this particular breed of film made to accompany music, rather than the opposite way around. For these reasons, the finalised project will be delivered on two platforms and shared on social media: Vimeo for film buffs and Youtube for music and film lovers. It will be shared on Facebook for further exposure.


  1. Create Project Plan
  2. Compose track
  3. Record track
  4. Storyboard visuals
  5. Film Visuals
  6. Mix song
  7. Edit video – put audio and visuals together
  8. Upload to Slack for feedback.
  9. Implement feedback, finalise and upload to social media



Job #: Task: Scheduled Start: Scheduled Finish: Week: Predecessor
1 Create Project plan 21/03/2017 29/03/2017 7-8 NA
2 Compose Track 29/03/2017 31/03/2017 8 Job 1
3 Record Track 03/04/2017 6/04/2017 9 Job 2
4 Storyboard Film 03/04/2017 6/04/2017 9 Job 2
5 Film Visuals 06/04/2017 10/04/2017 9-10 Job 4
6 Mix Song 06/04/2017 12/04/2017 9-10 Job 3
7 Edit video – put audio and visuals together 12/04/2017 18/04/2017 10-11 Job 5, Job 6
8 Upload and receive feedback 18/04/2017 20/04/2017 11 Job 6, Job 7
9 Implement Feedback and upload to social media 20/04/2017 24/04/2017


11-12 Job 8


As this project is completely solo, all roles will be carried out by myself. This includes:

  • Project manager
  • Composer
  • Recordist
  • Mixing
  • Storyboarder
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor

Target Outcomes

Common Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

CLO. 01 – Critically reflect on how you (and your team as appropriate) have performed in relation to your behaviour, the processes you employed, and the outcome of the project(s)

CLO. 02 – Effectively reflect on topics related to your discipline and your craft and how you (or your team) have performed in relation to these

CLO. 03 –  Investigate and effectively implement project management processes as guided by industry practices

CLO. 04 – Execute a project in accordance with a project plan

CLO. 05 – Produce outputs that successfully meet the brief set by the facilitator(s).

CLO. 06 – Engage in interdisciplinary practices.

C.LO. 08 – Effectively communicate what your intentions are for your project

C.LO. 09 – Demonstrate effective publishing techniques appropriate to the audience and creative intent.

AUS220 Learning Outcomes (LOs)

  1. 04 – Define and Implement workflows and session management for multimedia productions
  2. 14 – Deliver audio for multimedia products to industry standards
  3. 15 – Evaluate the effectiveness of production processes undertaken
  4. 16 – Demonstrate advanced signal flow knowledge and skills



Studio/Equipment/Software Needed: Source: Comments:
Pro Tools Myself
Adobe Premiere Myself
Piano (to record) Local High School I have been given permission by my old music teacher to use the piano at the local high school to record my track.
AKG 414

Rode NT2 Pair

Uni (See comments) Need to talk to Rose about getting permission to see if I could take these off campus.
Zoom F8 Uni
Camera Friend


Technical Frameworks

My progress throughout this project will be tracked in my online professional blog ( All of my important documents: storyboard, references, project proposal etc will be kept in this google drive folder, for my facilitator to track:

Risk Management

Below you will see the risks and contingency plan to mitigate the risks. As this is a solo project I will be accountable for all risks.

Risk: Contingency Plan:
Time constraints – not having enough time to get everything done. Stick to the strict schedule that I set myself. Within this schedule I have purposefully set the deadline to be earlier than it needs to be in case of time constraint issues.
Scheduling clashes – finding it difficult to arrange a time to suit to record between myself and my old music teacher. Give him plenty of notice and clear communication as to when I want to record.
Resource shortfalls – no permission for the microphones I need I could borrow some of the location gear out such as the Zoom H6n, even though the sound quality would not be nearly as good.
I could ask my peers if anyone has a microphone that I could use to record, but again, the quality probably would not be as good.
Inadequate skills in Adobe Premiere and filming in general Before I start the film side of my project, I will be doing a lot of self-directed study about how to use Adobe Premiere and getting good nature scenes filmed. I will also be sourcing help of somebody outside SAE to give me some insight into filming.
The workload becomes too much for one person due to illness or unforeseen circumstances I will recruit a peer to help me complete the project, or scale down the scope.



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