Simpsons Project – Mostly finalised

Alrighty, so on Monday and Tuesday, Gabby and I dedicated a lot of our time to finalising our Simpsons project. Over the weekend, Keely edited the ADR of the project and uploaded to google drive, so that Gabby and I could work on the same session during the week, to avoid doubling the sessions and all that mucking around.

On Monday we edited most of the Foley, and Tuesday was used to finalise the compositions and import them into our session. Please see the video here.

After rewatching on my own laptop and not through a decent set of headphones, there are a few sounds that I’ve noticed you can’t hear through mediocre speakers, which will need to be fixed. We have also uploaded our video to our class feedback channel for our peers to comment and give us any last minute tips to improve the project.

All in all we’re still on track, at the end of this week I’ll be writing an overall blog about how the whole project played out and what I learned from the experience.Until next time, thanks for reading!



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