Simpsons Project – Crunch Time

Just a very quick update: It’s the end of week 5, due date is one week away and I’ll admit our team is feeling the pressure a little bit. On Tuesday afternoon, Keely and I had a session where we started the composition, and completed two out of the three that we need. All we have left to do is the last composition and the editing.

Today we had to present what we had finished of this project and after presenting, I started to feel a bit disheartened, as I realised we had further to go than I had first thought. I have no doubt that we will get it done in time and to the standard that we want, it just would have been nice to have it done before the week of the due date. It also made it a bit difficult as one of our team members has gone away and won’t be back until half way through this week. She is trying her hardest to help us from where she is as well though, so hopefully everything works out!

Moving forward, Gabby and I have decided we will dedicate Monday to finishing this project. Keely will have finished her part of it by Sunday night and upload to Google drive, where Gabby and I will have access to the session that Keely worked on to complete. All we will have to do is the rest of the composition, and the Foley editing which shouldn’t be too difficult.

With any luck, this time Monday night I’ll be blogging about a finished project! Thanks for reading


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