Simpsons Project – ADR + Beginning to Edit

Alrighty so over the past two days we’ve had two very successful studio sessions! Yesterday we had a session from 11.30am – 2.30pm in the Audient B, where we borrowed out the AT2050 and got all of our ADR completed.

For that one I was the main voice actor, which was a little bit weird for me since it’s not something I’ve ever done before and also I was Homer who is obviously an american man. We’re hoping to be able to pitch shift my voice down to make it sound more realistic, without the editing being too obvious, so wish us luck with that one! There were 3 other characters who had one line each, and we were lucky enough to have Gabby bring in her friend Meriah, who just happened to actually be very good at voice acting (which we didn’t know until after I had finished all of the Homer dialogue, yay). So we’ve got all the dialogue finished and we’ve recorded all of the Foley that we need to, because I got the location recording done at my house with one of the zooms. The only sounds we have left to make are the clock scene (0.23 seconds) and the buzzing every time Homer goes back or forward in time.

Today our team had a session in the C24, where we went through all of our playlists and chose the best takes for all of our ADR and Foley, so that on Monday in our planned editing session we can just get straight into it. Some of the ADR was a little out of time and there was a small dispute over which is the best way to get it back in time (using the scrubber to find the start of the sentence on the video and placing the audio there vs. nudging the track in Pro Tools into its correct place), however we resolved this by a majority rules verdict.

The last major part of our project we have left is the composition, which shouldn’t be too difficult as there isn’t even music throughout the entire clip, and between the three of us in our team we have plenty of time to do it.

On Monday as well as an editing session, we’re also going to allocate the final jobs out between the three of us so that we can get everything finished before the end of the week, nice and ready for the due date in week 6.

Wish us luck! And as always, thanks for reading



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