Simpson Session 2: A lot more successful than last week

So yesterday we had the C24 booked again from 8.30am – 11.30am to get Foley done. We did have a few small issues but we managed to get all of the Foley done (yay!). Now all we have to do for that aspect is edit, and touch up anything that we think could be better. We’ve also updated our asset list to say which ones we’ve completed and which ones are yet to be done.

We borrowed out the AKG 414 as a room mic, as well as the Rode NT5 pair as per our project plan. However, after realising that the Post-Production room only has two inputs from the live room, we just used the stereo pair and ditched the AKG so that we could record our sounds in stereo. The biggest issue we had was when Gabby (our main Foley artist for this session) was only hearing herself in one of the mics. At first we thought it was an issue with the desk channels, then we thought maybe one of the mics was actually broken, but it turns out one of the mics was just panned weirdly. So after wasting an hour of our session on that, we finally began and it ended up being very productive. Something I learnt from that debacle was that each channel on the C24 is stereo, so if you have a stereo channel in Pro Tools that is going out 1-2, that will be going through only the first fader on the C24.

We got through our whole list of Foley sounds, apart from 1 or 2 that need to be location recorded/made in Ableton. My favourite ones were made with the broken toaster from the student kitchen, to make some of the toaster noises throughout the clip. Also there was one where we used a long metal pole moving against a broken soft drink to make it sound like homer was using a screwdriver inside the toaster (0.10 seconds).

We have a session on Friday in the Audient B from 11.30am – 2.30pm to complete our ADR, and another session on Saturday in the C24 to finalise/edit. Hopefully everything will be wrapped up by next week! Thanks for reading!



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