Sound Replacement: The Simpsons

As project 1 this Trimester we are doing a complete sound replacement of a clip out of The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror, Time and Punishment (the first 2 minutes of the below clip)

I am collaborating with fellow students Keely Menzie and Gabby Campbell to replace the ADR, Foley and background music for the first two minutes of the clip. We have given ourselves a 6 week time limit in which to complete the project, and the asset list and script can be found below:



Deliverables for the project will include:

A finished project by Week 6, with all Foley assets clearly labelled in a sample library, in 48k/24-bit stereo files. All files will be bounced from ProTools as .wav files and the final video as an .mp4. Submitted will be a full library of samples, including ambience tracks, instrumentals, and vocal tracks.


  • Gabby: Lead DAW and Desk Operator, Composition
  • Keely: Data/File Management, Group Scheduling
  • Grace: Lead Foley Artist


Week 1:

  • Finding the genre/style of clip to use
  • Deciding on group roles/timeline for the project

Week 2:

  • Project planning and management
  • Completion of full list of Foley assets
  • Completion of vocal script for ADR sessions.
  • Booking studios for coming weeks

Week 3:

  • First studio session (20.02.17) in the C24 – Foley
  • Second studio session (24.02.17) in the C24 – Foley and ADR focused
  • Compose instrumental tracks (Gabby and Keely)

Week 4:

  • Week 2 of Foley and ADR recording
  • Finalising instrumental tracks
  • Begin Mixing project

Week 5:

  • Finalise Mixing
  • Share with peers for feedback – examine and implement feedback

Week 6:

  • Submit final project

Mitigation/Contingency Plan:

We are all incredibly committed to this project, however if one of the group members were unable to complete the project (due to illness, deferring, ect.) we believe the remaining two would be able to complete the project. If two members were unable to participate in the completion of the project, we each have side projects we could turn into main projects to ensure some work was submitted. As we are all the artists for this project, we do not have to rely on an external artist, and we can avoid the possibility of an artist falling through. However, we all live between 1.5-2.5hrs from campus, we have decided to book studios in advance on days that we will already be at SAE. This makes it easier for all group members to be present at each session, and allows us the security of knowing we definitely have a studio booked, in a session we can all attend.

Other risks to the project are:

  • Lack of communication (Miscommunication of project deadlines, ect.)
  • Loss of Data (Not saved correctly, not backed up)
  • Unrealistic project plan (too many milestones for a short period)

To avoid encountering these issues, we have a group message where we can share ideas and updates of what we’ve completed, as well as a google drive where we all have access to share and edit documents relating to this project. As well as having copies on Google Drive, we will also have personal copies on our hard drives, and have created realistic milestones based on previous project achievements with a similar timeline, ensuring they are realistic and achievable.

Session Equipment:


ADR: AT2050 and a pop-filter

Foley: Rode NT5 (one of the pair) close + AKG 414 as a room mic

Location Recording: Zoom F8 + Boom mic – Sennheiser shotgun mic + blimp


For both the ADR and Foley, the Post-Production studio will be used, as the booth makes for a very good recording space for both of these things and the addition of the C24 will hopefully make our workflow smoother.

Target Audience:

Our target audience will be the same as the original target audience for the Simpsons series, which in our experience is 10-18 year old children, as well as 18-39 year old males. For this reason we will also be sticking closely to the original style of the series rather than changing it.

Target Outcomes:


CLO01 – Critically reflect on how you (and your team as appropriate) have performed in relation to your behaviour, the processes you employed, and the outcome of the project(s)

CLO02 – Effectively reflect on topics related to your discipline and your craft and how you (or your team) have performed in relation to these

CLO03 – Investigate and effectively implement project management processes as guided by industry practices

CLO04 – Execute a project in accordance with a project plan

CLO05 – Produce outputs that successfully meet the brief set by the facilitator(s).

CLO06 – Engage in interdisciplinary practices.

CLO07 – Develop and sustain effective teamwork skills.

CLO08 – Effectively communicate what your intentions are for your project

AUS220 LOs:

AUS220 LO4 – Define and Implement workflows and session management for multimedia productions

AUS220 LO13 – Record and edit audio for narrative

AUS220 LO14 – Deliver audio for multimedia products to industry standards

AUS220 LO15 – Evaluate the effectiveness of production processes undertaken

AUS220 LO16 – Demonstrate advanced signal flow knowledge and skills

Very excited about this project overall, which us luck! I’ll be keeping my blog up to date with the progress and final project so please keep checking in (:


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