Simpsons Project: Slow Start, but moving forward!

This morning our team had booked the C-24 before class from 830-1130 in order to do some Foley sounds for our project, however the we had a lot of issues and didn’t end up doing a whole lot towards our project, although we tried. If you want to see in detail how our session went, see Gabby’s blog about it here.

It was a bit disappointing that not much came of our session, as the early ones make the day very long, so if they are unproductive it sets a bad mood for the day. Moving forward though, we have three sessions booked next week for Monday, Friday and Saturday, where we will hopefully get the Foley, ADR and finalization of the sounds done, in that order.

Hopefully all will go well in those sessions and we can have this project complete by Week 5, so that we can get feedback from everyone before the due date. Wish us luck! Thanks for reading



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