Where is this going and why?

So we’re getting UBER close to the the end of Project Two and our side project The Mechanic; the final step will be exhibition of our work.

Project 2: From Swords to Check Outs will be shown in a screening  at SAE Brisbane in week 13,  (between the 12th and  16th of November), mostly for the crew. As well as this, the director, Jonathon, has tentatively discussed the idea of having a screening at the Dojo where some of the scenes were filmed. This screening is more casual, intended for friends and family members. Finally, Jonathon also intends to try to get the film into indie film festivals around Brisbane, where many young and alternative people will see them, as this is the target demographic. (see Project Two link hyperlink above for further information on Target Demographic)

Our side project, The Mechanic, will be sent to and hopefully screened at different indie film festivals around Brisbane, although no specifics yet. As the Mechanic has quite a symbolic meaning and a melancholic atmosphere, it is more suited for adults rather than children. Also more of the ‘artsy’ or alternative type people are more likely to go to film festivals and enjoy an asian/steampunk vibed short movie.

As far as just the audio goes, the composition and foley will be uploaded to my SoundCloud, which will be shared on my personal Facebook and professional Instagram. Hope you look forward to seeing the projects around.

Thanks for reading!




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