Project 2 – Nearly there!

On Monday it coincidentally worked out very well for our team that the vocal production session was cancelled, as the Raven was free for this time and it gave us more time to work on our composition for From Swords to Checkouts.

As a team, we have decided not to do the Foley for this film, as the director was very late in getting back to us with the Sound List and it made it very difficult to fit in to our schedule. We have therefore updated our team schedule and project plan to accommodate for our new workload.

In our session on Monday we were quite productive! We got our short ‘Newsroom Intro’ music completed, with the help of Gabby and Tiana. Gabby found us this reference track, which is just the intro in this song:

We also finished our ‘Elevator Music‘ excerpt, incorporating the feedback we got from Stefan and Adrian in slack (thanks guys). We added in the cowbell on the off-beat, and also got rid of the hard pans. All that’s left to do is some minor mixing, and also an effect that makes it sound like it’s coming over speakers (such as in a small corner store). For this effect we will maybe try slightly cutting some of the highs, to make it sound a little more distant and not so much in the forefront.

Next up we have to complete our action, happy and sad/calm music, which are all very close to finishing. We have a session booked on Monday, Tuesday and also Wednesday (however I don’t think we’ll need the Wednesday one, it was just in case) to finish them off.

Stay tuned!


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