Neve Basics

Today Keely and I had a session in the Neve, as we both wanted to familiarize ourselves with it a bit more. We have both been in there with Adrian and the class before, but it’s not the same as learning and getting to know it first hand.

We borrowed an SM58 and played music through Keely’s laptop in the live room for our sound source. We then did three simple processes (and attempted another, which we could not seem to figure out):

Signal from Mic to Desk:

  1. Plug mic into channel (eg. 5)
  2. Set the gain (placed at the top of each channel)
  3. Have input set to MIC (There are three different options: Mic, DI, DAW. Or you can have input disengaged.)
  4. Turn up the bottom fader
  5. Turn up main monitors
  6. Have set to ‘MOD OP’ (Which I’m guessing stands for Modern Operation as opposed to Retro Operation)

Signal from DAW to Desk:

  1. In your DAW, set output channel/s (eg. 1-2)
  2. Set input on your channels to DAW (see no. 3 above)
  3. To hear through speakers, EITHER:
    • Turn up bottom faders; OR
    • Press down ‘pan’ knobs second from the bottom of the channel (they have 2 buttons beneath them: SEL and SOLO). Once done, SOLO buttons will turn green; press SOLO buttons again so they turn orange. You can then control the sound with the knob fader (maroon).
    • Side note: you can also press MON MIX to hear a the recording in MONO

Headphone Mix (pre-fader):

  1. Press AUX A and B on your channel
    • Side note: there are options to make it post-fader or mono, which can be selected by pressing down on the AUX volume knob as many times as necessary)
  2. Turn up AUX A and B masters, pan one hard left and the other hard right (for stereo)
  3. In headphone 1 section, turn up the volume.
    • Side note: to check that your mix is pre-fader, turn down the bottom fader on your channel. You should still be able to hear it in your headphones.

Another basic thing we attempted (but failed) was patching in reverb. I’m honestly not sure what we were doing wrong. We first tried to get it on the live signal, then on the recorded signal from protools but to no avail. Will have to book another session and suss it out.

For those who have never used a Neve Desk before, there are some basics to get you started.

Thanks for reading!






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