The Mechanic – We Tried

Yesterday Keely and I thought we would stay at Uni and work further on our side project: The Mechanic. We wanted to do some further work on the composition side of it.

The Raven studio was unfortunately unavailable, as were all the other studios, because a class had them booked out. Our next plan of attack was to use an empty classroom with the MIDI Keyboards in them, which apparently didn’t exist. One of the lecturers offered for us to go into their classroom, but as it was both Keely and I working on the one computer, I thought we might be a bit disruptive. We finally found a free room that didn’t have the Keyboards but at least had Ableton, however shortly after opening the session, we realized the version that was installed in that room was an unauthorized one, meaning that we could not save or export anything, which obviously completely defeated the purpose of even working on the composition.

By this point, we were both feeling a bit disheartened, but decided to persevere and mix some of the Foley that we had recorded. Even this we found difficult to do, as we both wanted to listen as it was mixed, however only I had headphones and there was no spares in the tech office either, therefore we (pointlessly) attempted to mix for about 10 minutes through the speakers of the computer. By that point, a class came into the room anyway and we decided to give up altogether.

Moral of the story: BE PREPARED (don’t wing it) ie. book studios well in advance, bring all your equipment!

Thanks for reading!


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