Project Two – Sort of Nearly There

To see previous write-ups about Project Two, go here and follow the links.

This week on Monday we had another session in the Raven-MIDI, where we completed a draft of the ‘elevator music’ excerpt for the film. The harmony was made by Keely, the melody was composed by me, while Jordan overlooked with his creative input, and Keely was also the overall producer for this part of the soundtrack. We’ve uploaded the draft in slack to get feedback, which we will be implementing hopefully tomorrow, even though the studio is booked out. We might be able to work on it in one of the classrooms that have the MIDI Keyboards.

Earlier in the day we also had our tuning session, where we had some issues with the audio playing because of the instrument pack we had downloaded. We went down to the studio, which was thankfully empty and tried to fix it but couldn’t, so we ended up putting a random flute onto the track instead of the Shakuhachi instrument, which sounded awful Later, during our session we had a closer look at the issue, and for some reason it kept saying that the samples for the instrument were offline, even though we could clearly see and play all of the samples. We tried everything from deleting and reinstalling the pack, to reinserting the instrument onto a different track. Eventually Jordan had the idea of putting the samples into the sampler in Ableton, forgoing the Shakuhachi instrument altogether, which finally worked (thank god for Jordan).

Another issue we encountered was that over the weekend, Keely worked on her part of the composition, the elevator music, and then somehow lost everything she had done. So rather than focusing on the negative, we decided to knuckle down and redo it together, and we were actually very happy with the result. Here is the unfinished loop track we made.

The last thing we have had issues with is communication with our film director. After the meeting we had with him, he was supposed to send us more reference tracks, a Foley list and keep us updated with the film and he has done none of those things. Throughout last week I emailed him 3 different times, and he finally replied on Friday afternoon and said he would get them back to me by that night, which he has still not done. As a team Keely, Jordan and I have decided to not do the foley for the film, as it was not something they were too fussed about us doing and we have not been given enough time.

All in all, the despite these issues the project is going well and is still on track, apart from the foley obviously, which we have decided to cut out entirely. We’re still on track with our schedule, so we’re still on track to be complete by week 12.

Thanks for reading!


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