Another Day, More Progress

So we had in our schedule for Project 2 that we would go up to Uni yesterday to work on the soundtrack for From Swords to Checkouts. However, Keely was unable to make it for medical reasons, therefore we rearranged to do it today instead. I think it actually worked out better, because yesterday we were unable to book the Raven Midi, so we would have had to hope there was a spare quiet classroom where we could all work together on the composition.

Today’s session was great; it was super productive and I even learnt a few more things in Ableton. We got a rough 50 seconds of the ‘action’ composition done, which is great. We’re aiming for about 1 minute – 1 minute 30 seconds for each mood of the composition: Happy/sad/action/triumphant, so that they can play around with it and use what they need. A couple of little things I learnt to do with MIDI:

  1. When you’re recording MIDI notes from a keyboard, the little lollipops at the bottom (pictured below) are the velocity of each note. So if you want it to be louder, pull it up or vice versa.midi-note-editor
  2. We had issues with the velocity of an instrument that we had downloaded from the internet. No matter what we did, it was very sensitive, and we could not get a loud sound out of the keys without pushing ridiculously hard, which obviously made it hard to record things. We got Stefan to come in and help, and it was actually just a simple thing (as always) that we needed to change. There was a little button that said
    “Time < Vel,” which meant that the velocity was obviously very effected by the time. All we had to do was put it on 0, and at the time we had it on 97 (Thanks Stefan).

That’s pretty much all for that session. We have the Raven MIDI booked next Monday as well, so we will do more collaboratively on the composition then. In the meantime, Keely and Jordan will both be working on the composition at home, as they both have Ableton.

Thanks for reading!


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