The Mechanic – Second Meeting

For those who haven’t been following, here is the first blog about my side project, The Mechanic.

Today we had another meeting with Sam, mostly to touch base and just ask him a few questions, as we needed a bit more clarification and specific with the sound list, and also wanted to show him the start of our composition and the sounds we have recorded so far.

The follow is some notes on things we wanted to ask him, and notes from the meeting today that Keely took.


Basically we got from today that they no longer need the climbing on scaffolding sounds, the running on concrete needs to be boots if possible, and if we can get a hook going into a slot/metal grate that would be great.

We also showed him the start of our composition, which is only around 8 bars at the moment, but he was very pleased with the direction we’re going in. He also said that a few things have changed from the animatic he gave us to begin with, and that he’ll keep updating us with as many visuals as he can. The animation should be done and possibly edited by the end of this week.

In regards to exhibition, we learned that they intend to send the finished product off to film festivals, so Sam said he would let us know if that goes ahead. That’s pretty much all for this project so far. Sam is very happy with how we’re tracking. This week we’re planning on doing more of the composition, and implementing some of the industrial sounds that Keely recorded with the Zoom H4n.

Thanks for reading!


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