Side Project – The Mechanic

For one of our side projects, Keely and I are working on a Tri 6 Animation, titled The Mechanic. Sam, the director, gave us an anamatic version of the storyboard, so we have some visuals to work with. He has also sent us the treatment and a soundlist, as well as a request for a Japanese/Industrial soundtrack. The sound list is as follows:


We also have the following reference tracks for the soundtrack:

For the soundtrack, Keely and I thought it would be interesting to sample some industrial sounds/metal sounds and try to incorporate them as well. Also, on Monday last week we had a session where we started the soundtrack, and when we played the demo tracks we coincidentally started them both at a time which totally worked in melding them together. Therefore, we quickly tried to record it on our phones so that we could listen to it later. It’s pretty bad quality but still gives us a fair idea.

Yesterday we had a session in the Post-Pro and got a few of the sounds for this project, and we realised we have a few questions as well, so we have another meeting with same on Monday, just to clarify a few things. Keely made a project plan for this project as well, so that we can manage our time efficiently between all of our projects. Next Tuesday we’ll be further working on the Soundtrack, as well as mixing the Foley that we recorded last Monday.

Thanks for reading!


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