Project Two – From Swords to Checkouts


For Project Two I have recruited two partners, Keely and Jordan, to help make the Soundtrack and Foley for a film called From Swords to Checkouts. The film follows an out-of-work ninja, who is trying to find his place within normal society. The film team require a mixture of East-Asian and Western music and we were given a brief about the different moods for each scene:

During the film we will hear fun, playful music while we are introduced to his life and his daily antics. Exciting action music during his skilled ninja training, as well as soft slow tones at the moment of his emotional and mental defeat, leading to the crescendo into triumphant victory music at the end when he realizes his dream.”

The film has great relevance to many people, as it has an underlying message of feeling like you may not fit in to society, which ultimately everybody feels at some point in their lives. In the end the main character finds a place for himself which will leave the audience with a lasting impression of uplifting hope.

The target demographic for this film would mostly be around 16-24 year olds, as for many this is a time in your life where you’re not really sure what’s going on and how you’re going to fit in the world. This film puts a funny, positive spin on something that may seem a little scary for people in the real world.

We’ve found two reference tracks:

With the Chinese reference track, we aren’t too keen on the vocals, but the background is what we’re looking for. These have been sent to the producer and she approves, however we do have a meeting tomorrow with the director, so we will get more feedback then.

The following Sound List has also been emailed to the producer with good feedback, however as with the reference tracks, we will have more information tomorrow after our meeting with the director, as we have a few questions about the Foley.


Here is a rough timetable for our project, our deadline is the 25th of November. An editable and more specific timetable available for viewing within our group is here.



The following LOs and CLOs will also hopefully be achieved with the completion of Project 2:


  • CLO6 – Engage in interdisciplinary practices.
  • CLO 7- Develop and sustain effective teamwork skills.
  • CLO 8- Effectively communicate what your intentions are for your project


  • LO 1 – Analyse the production and equipment choices made during the pre-production process
  • LO 9 – Apply knowledge of fundamental music theory as part of an electronic music production
  • LO 10 – Employ analogue studio technology in an electronic music production
  • LO 11 – employ a software sequencer as part of an electronic music production
  • LO 13 – Implement basic sampling and sample manipulation techniques
  • LO 14 – As a group, create a musical work utilizing sequencing and sampling concepts and report on the process

As we have a very short time frame, there are multiple things that could go wrong regarding scheduling clashes, unavailable studios etc, however we believe that the answer to this is strict scheduling and great team communication.

Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading




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