Side Project – Game Foley

Update: 24/10
Mixed and exported sounds:

Last week Keely and I got a call from someone who saw our posters up at Uni, advertising that we can do sound for other discipline’s projects. A games student wanted us to do some Foley for a project he had due in Week 6, so we told him we’d do our best on short notice and asked for a sound list. He needed:

  • Gunshot
  • Door barged through
  • Door creaking open, bolt sliding
  • Body slumping over
  • Walking on glass
  • Finished record (still playing)
  • Flickering lights
  • Neon lights buzzing
  • Fog machine running

We straight away booked the Post-Pro for Monday morning and started doing a little bit of research. I used the same website that I used for ideas for foley in Project 1 and came up with the following:

  • Bullets – Throw coins at something? Flick/slingshot coins/screws
  • Neon lights buzzing – air con? Doors in room opening/closing?
  • Body slumping over – bag with stuff in it?
  • Door barged through – thump and bag?
  • Walking on glass – actual

The unplanned noises we ended up getting some pretty good sounds for. We used the Rode NT2 to record again, and we also got an SM58 just to compare. The SM58 ended up not being nearly as sensitive as the NT2, and only picked up half as many of the frequencies, so we ended up not using any of the sounds from the SM58. The following is what we ended up doing to create all of the sounds, respectively:

  • Bullets – combined the sound of throwing a tin can against a wall and a wine bottle smashing. EQed it so that it brought out more of the lows and cut away some of the highs and chucked some reverb on it.
  • Walking on Glass – Actual
  • Neon lights buzzing – the automatic doors in the post-pro making a mechanical buzzing sound after they close. It only lasts a couple of seconds but it sounds similar and we could maybe mix it with some white noise or another signal.
  • Body slumping over – bag with jumpers in it
  • Door barged through – aggressively putting the floor squares from the Post-Pro back into their places. I think combining this with the bag with jumpers in it could make a good sound.
  • Finished record – in the Post-Pro was an old analog recording system. We spun the bit where the tape would have sat and it sounded very similar to a spinning record.
  • Door creaking open, bolt sliding – for the creaking door we used a creaky wheelie chair, and as for the bolt there was some metal poles in the tub in the Post-Pro, which we slid against the wall and against each other.
  • Flickering lights – we thought we might be able to use the same sound we recorded for the neon buzzing lights, but chop it up so that its a lot shorter.

The only thing we could not think of was the fog machine running. I am pretty excited about mixing everything else, I spent about 40 minutes yesterday starting to mix and managed to do the bullet sounds, found here. Everything else is still unfinished so far. The deadline we were given was Thursday 27th Oct at the latest, but we should definitely have all sounds exported by Monday 24th of Oct.

Thanks for reading!


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