Project 1 Wrapped Up

So this week, week 5 is our distribution week. By Tuesday everything was finalized and we put out video together and I gotta say I am quite proud. Watch the video here, or below:

Our Project 1 turned out really successful, with a few minor bumps in the road. First of all changing our video in week 3, and also not being familiar with either the Raven-Midi Studio or the Post Production studio definitely consumed some time. However, combining weeks 3 and 4 goals into week 4 ended up being very do-able and we successfully completed the project on time. Also with the last exporting there was a minor issue, which was mainly my fault because of lack of communication. Keely had sent the Ableton session of her composition to me to export and put together in Pro Tools with the Foley and visuals, and I deleted the drum synth line which we had recorded together in the MIDI. I thought it was the audio from the video which Keely had previously imported into her session and then had deleted the visuals. Therefore, when I exported and put everything together in Pro Tools, the drums were not in it, and rather than asking Keely about it, I just assumed she had taken them out and not told me. In our final presentation Keely noticed that the drums weren’t in the composition and that’s when I realised what had happened. It’s all sorted out now though, and we have our final video all together.

On Wednesday morning I attended the Tri 2 animation pitches and exchanged details with one of the teams, who I am very keen to work with on their 60-second animation. Keely and I are now able to send them this completed work as an example of what we could do for them.

As well as the Tri 2 team, we have also had another person contact us from the posters we put up. He is a Tri 6 student looking for sound for his film and we have a meeting with him on Monday, where we will also show him this example and discuss how we can work together to create what he needs.

Needless to say, I’m very happy with our work from Project 1 and excited as to what the next half of this Trimester will bring. This video has been uploaded to Keely’s professional Facebook Page and my Vimeo and Facebook as well.

As always, thanks for reading!


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