Project Plan – Project 1

UPDATE: 7/10

I’ve completed a rough sound list.For some of them I got ideas from this handy website (“The Guide To Sound Effects | Epic Sound”, 2016). It has tonnes of ideas for lots of different foley sounds if you need inspiration.


Update: 6/10 – Day by day Project Plan


In week two we planned out our project week by week, setting achievable goals so that we could have our project finalized by week five.


It is now week three, and we are finding that everything is not going to plan. We have changed our video, as my partner decided she was not happy with it, because it doesn’t have a definite ending. Originally we were going to use this video, but we are now using this video. Therefore our workload has increased with the amount of sounds and length of composition, however I believe this could be a positive thing which could push us that little bit further out of our comfort zone.

Furthermore, this week we had a studio session in the Raven-MIDI studio, where we were finding instruments that we could use for the composition. However, in this session is when it was decided that we would change our video, therefore composition has not been started yet as we had originally hoped. We were also hindered as we were going to book out the post-production studio to do the Foley, however it was already booked for the only time we could do it this week. Therefore week three and four’s goals will be completed in the same week.

In hindsight, we should have booked all studios when we made our plan, to ensure we definitely had them secured and we also should have been 100% sure about our video when we first put it in the plan.


The Guide To Sound Effects | Epic Sound. (2016). Retrieved 13 October 2016, from


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