The Beginning (Again)

Today brings me to the end of the first week of Trimester Three. I feel the same as at the start of all of our trimesters: excited, apprehensive and wondering what the hell I’m doing. We have basically been told that for the next thirteen weeks we have to have finished at least two self-directed projects. Other than that, we have no assessment. This terrifies me. This trimester is going to push me entirely out of my comfort zone. Approaching people? Collaborating with other disciplines? Electronic music? (Now is probably a good time to mention that we have to use MIDI and Synth Patching in our projects. I have no idea what that is.)

Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about everything to come. My ultimate goal is to be doing Sound Design/Foley/ADR for film as a career and I have to start somewhere. I guess I just expected (or maybe just hoped for) a little more guidance. But if I’m honest with myself I’ve always been more of a practical learning person, so I know in the end this will be beneficial for me. It’s just so intimidating! I’m only just 18, how am I supposed to start doing all of this right now? To help me through this trimester, every week I am going to set myself a goal that will help with my course and then I’ll blog about it the following week. Every Tuesday a blog will be uploaded, maybe another day as well if you are lucky. My goal for this week is to learn more about MIDI and Synth Patches. Wish me luck!

If you made it to here, thanks for reading!


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